Agah Uğur has become the Chairman of Boğaziçi Ventures

Agah Uğur, one of the notable and veteran executives of business world, became chairman of Boğaziçi Ventures which founded with the purpose of investing in local technology companies and supporting technology startups by investors executed successful exits. Agah Uğur, also joined among the Boğazici Ventures’ partners as an i̇nvestor. 

Graduating British Boys High School and Birmingham University, Agah Uğur started his professional life at Birmingham, London and Jersey offices of ,audit and advisory firm, Touche Rousse (Currently Deloitte). After working at Arthur Andersen and Emlak Bank in Turkey, he started working at Borusan Holding as CFO.

In 1995, he became general manager of Borusan Holding. Between 2001-2018 he served in Borusan Holding as Company’s Chief Executive Officer. Agah Uğur still maintain serving at Borusan Holding as Board Member. Agah Uğur,also serving as board member at Pegasus Airlines and Doğan Holding.

Active duty in non-governmental organizations

Beyond his professional life, he has been served in management and advisory board of more than 15 NGOs and educational institutions as president and member. Agah Uğur,is still member of High Advisory Council at Turkish Industry and Business Association(TÜSİAD), member of advisory board at Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey  Turkish American Business Council,,member of Board of Trustees at Sabancı University, member of advisory board at Columbia University Istanbul Global Center,mentor at Young Guru Academy(YGA), Endeavour and Women In Board Association Turkey and vice chairman at SAHA Association of which he was one of the founders.

After his professional life, Agah Uğur started investing in local and foreign technology startups. Agah Uğur is married and father of two daughters.

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